The Forensic Data Analysis & IT department provides comprehensive support when faced with the task of large scale document and data management in major litigation or investigations

The department's expertise in bespoke database software and forensic data analysis has been applied in diverse applications, including in the analysis of commodity trading, trade patterns and major thefts.

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Scope of work

Analysis/evaluation of quantum in complex claims
Bespoke software development and support
Data analysis of large volumes of documentation and information
Presentation of analysis results and findings in a readily digestible format
Sophisticated data management and analysis services in support of major litigation
Statistical analysis and mathematical modelling across a wide range of applications

Experts & Consultants

Daan Matheussen
Daan MatheussenDirector First class honours degree in Chemical Engineering
Joined CWA in 1992 and heads the Forensic Analysis & IT Department. Over 20 years' experience of the analytical investigation of large scale theft and shortage claims arising in the course of the international trade of a wide range of commodities, often under term contracts backed by pre-financing and storage agreements. Experienced in managing teams and specifying numerical analysis required as well as the organisation of voluminous documentary evidence to permit rapid retrieval. Extensive experience of expert witness work.
Daniel Schütze
Daniel SchützeDirector MBiochem (Oxon)
Experience of the selection, management and direction of teams to undertake analysis in the investigation of claims with voluminous disclosure including data processing and numerical analysis across a wide range of incidents involving large scale thefts and misrepresentations in the trade and storage of commodities such as oil, sugar, collectables and mineral concentrates worldwide. IT experience includes the design of multi-user database applications and coordinating data input in multi-user environments.
Bob Bishop
Bob BishopSenior Software Developer Electronic Engineer
European Engineer, FEANI Group 1

Joined CWA in 1989 as senior software developer for bespoke computer program packages for a wide range of applications including the insurance and re-insurance of high capital plant, rating databases, time capture and project budgeting software, document indexing and retrieval systems, and systems design projects.
Dr John Whittington
Dr John Whittington Consultant MSc in Applied Statistics
Joined CWA in 1999. Senior statistician with extensive expertise in the collection, screening and processing of large data sets for numerical and statistical studies across a range of applications.

CWA Experts & Consultants

Typical Cases


CWA has undertaken numerous analyses of the contractual documentation and operational records for the trade of fuel oil, crude, wheat, and cocoa beans under pre-financed term supply, storage, and onward sale contracts to investigate theft and misappropriation of stored goods.


Analysis of records to investigate alleged theft by substitution of large quantities of mineral concentrates at major storage facility. The sampling regime had not been designed or tested for the unorthodox supply chain making the verification of the quality of the material delivered for storage impossible.


Voluminous records purportedly supporting a large and unexplained theft of stored sugar were analysed in depth. CWA was able to demonstrate that all delivered sugar was fully accounted for by the recorded authorised removals and the stock remaining in storage.


Analyse and harness operational documentation recording blending operations at storage facility over a two year period to establish pattern of depletion of oil so as to identify which operations misappropriated material stored on behalf of third parties.

Business paperwork

Establish trade pattern in large scale oil trading operation - the analysis required specialist software developed in house.


Analysis of disjointed records of large collection of vintage publications to establish the genuine extent of the collection and then superimpose reported auction returns to estimate value of collection destroyed by warehouse fire.


Harnessing crop yield data, meteorological and environmental factors, in conjunction with expert biologist and statistician.

Industrial plant

Data retrieval and analysis in But-for Business Interruption model following ramp up incident.

Food processing plant

Assessment of business interruption loss following extensive fire in modernised food processing plant.

Industrial plant

Modelling power station emissions, with expert meteorologist and combustion scientist.

Performance diagram

Performance analysis of typical investment strategies for emerging markets.



CWA has developmed numerous specialist insurance and reinsurance applications encompassing technological and IT developments over the last 25 years.

The EML 6.0 software package, for example, has been developed to meet the specific requirements of underwriters and risk managers. It has also proven a useful tool for plant designers and operators, local authorities and other parties who require rapid, cost effective consequence analysis of major refinery and petrochemical industry hazards.

EML software screen

EML 6.0 performs a rapid estimate in monetary terms of the worst-case incidents associated with refinery and petrochemical plant, given only minimal data for the plant's layout inventory and value. In particular three major perils are covered: Vapour cloud Explosions (VCE), Pool Fires, and Internal Explosions.

Further details regarding the EML software can be obtained by contacting us.

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