The Risk, Safety & Environmental department offers a wide range of project consultancy services, where the dominant themes are applied risk assessment and the related issues of safety, loss prevention and the environment.

We deploy small multidisciplinary teams as appropriate to meet specific client requirements, drawing upon the wide knowledge base of our combined expertise.

The range of applications is diverse - the oil industry, the food industry, metal extraction and smelting, minerals processing, shipping operations and port development.

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Experts & Consultants

CWA deploys small teams drawing on the experienced professionals from our pool of experts and consultants.

CWA Experts & Consultants

Typical Cases


CWA advised following an incident involving the loss overboard of containers of drummed cyanide within inshore waters and close to tourist amenities and undertook an independent risk assessment.

Gas ship

A loss of containment is very commonly the initiating event of pollution incidents and hazardous industrial accidents.

CWA undertakes various 'integrity of containment' analyses and specialist studies involving the cryogenic and pressurised storage of liquefied gases, hazardous materials during storage as well as transportation. We also carry out quantitative prediction analysis of seepage problems.


CWA has substantial experience of cargoes which are prone to self-heating phenomena including coal, cotton, fish meal, and soya beans. CWA has regularly been called to attend incidents and provide expert advice.

Ship in dock

CWA advises on port safety and the adequacy of loss prevention measures and contingency planning.

Tank Farm

CWA undertook intensive literature review on previous boil over incidents for a multi-national oil company.

Tank Farm

CWA reviewed current techniques for risk assessment of tank farms containing hazardous flammable inventories and developed an improved quantitative method for evaluating intertank safety distances in terms of hazardous properties of the inventory, tank insulation and water deluge. A computerised model was developed.

Oil rig

CWA was called upon to analyse the portfolio of a major reinsurer in the energy market and develop an empirical rating model for risks in an environment subject to rapid technological developments.

The results of the study were used to develop an insurance rating model that permits factorial rating, searches and cross links to claims data.

Performance diagram

Performance analysis of typical investment strategies for emerging markets.

Tanker at sea

CWA investigates speed and performance claims.

Deck of tanker

CWA participates in larger consortia involved in the design and build of new port and terminal facilities, worldwide. In the role of specialist marine consultants, CWA advises on all aspects of safety in navigation and risk assessment in the carriage and handling of hazardous goods through the port.

Sub sea refinery

Project management and engineering services provided in association with sub-sea piping specialists, including initial hydrographic and seabed survey, assessment of routing and conceptual design, project scheduling and provision costing.

Damaged Steel

CWA has reviewed and reported on the arrangements for shipping and chartering world-wide and has been able to identify areas for substantial efficiency improvement.

Long Term Storage

CWA provides expertise on the effects of long term storage of mineral concentrates required by, for example, the grounding of a bulk carrier which necessitated length repairs.

Contaminated Cargo

CWA has frequently advised on the treatment of a comprehensive range of contaminated cargoes and undertaken forensic analysis of the causes of contamination, often with support on the commercial front by assisting in disposing off-specification cargoes.

Gas plant

CWA has conducted numerous in-depth investigations and loss prevention surveys following recurring problems in the carriage of LPG involving for example excess water content, and the presence of excess dimer in butadiene shipments.

Corrosion of tanker hull

Concerning fitness of vessel's tanks and tank coatings for carriage of aggressive bulk liquid cargoes.

Petroleum plant

CWA advises on the remaining useful economic working life of the assets of petroleum handling operations. The items of equipment can include piping, pumps, single buoy moorings, storage tanks and vapour recovery units.

CWA can evaluate the impact of maintenance standards and inflation on net values.

Tankers in port

A technical audit was carried out by CWA on behalf of a multinational oil company to investigate the design, operation and quality control procedures of the inland network of crude oil production facilities, stabilisation plant, pipeline distribution storage and transfer to an integrated marine terminal.

The study recommended detailed remedial measures to improve efficiency of operation and quality control.

LPG spillage

CWA can perform detailed consequence analysis of spill scenarios for LPG marine terminals.


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