The Oil, Gas & Chemicals department provides a comprehensive service to clients involved in the international trade of oil, gas and chemicals and bulk liquid cargoes by sea, pipeline, rail and road.

Bulk liquid cargoes encompass the shipment of crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, liquefied gases, as well as vegetable and animal oils.

Oil and petrochemical plants are high-capital, major hazardous installations, which impose large loss potentials. Safety and pollution issues are of paramount concern, whilst quality issues dominate and contamination claims constitute a prevalent risk.

CWA also provides expertise in loss prevention, risk, safety, and environmental protection.

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Scope of work

Bunker quality disputes
Business Interruption claims
Chemical & forensic analysis
Commodity pricing analysis
Contamination investigations
Dangerous Goods
Environmental impact studies
Expert witness  >
Fire & explosion investigations
Hazardous spills & pollution clean-up
Incident investigation worldwide
Laboratory supervision
Live attendance  >
Loss prevention & safety studies
Off-spec cargo reclamation and disposal
Oil and chemical damaged cargo surveys
Oil shortage claims evaluation
Post incident investigations  >
Refinery performance analysis
Specialist oil loss control studies
Squeeze dry & tanker expediting
Tank cleaning & inspection advice
Tank coating & corrosion problems
Tanker & gas carrier damage surveys

Experts & Consultants

The Oil, Gas & Chemicals department was established in 1978.

Assignments are implemented under the direction and control of a team of long serving specialists.

CWA are frequently called upon to give expert evidence in arbitration and court hearings.

The department routinely attends incidents world-wide.

Anthony Severn
Anthony SevernDirector Member of the Nautical Institute
Fellow of the Energy Institute

Joined CWA in 1983, following an early career as a tanker officer. Has extensive experience in litigation matters involving loss or contamination disputes and is responsible for the management and co-ordination of the Company's marine consultancy projects and survey assignments. Experienced Expert Witness.
David Jones
David JonesDirector Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Fellow of the Energy Institute
Chartered Scientist, Science Counsel
Member of the Institute of Corrosion

Joined CWA in 1988 and a highly experienced chemist/surveyor with expertise in all aspects of the quality control of petrochemicals and chemicals, tank inspection, coatings and corrosion issues and forensic laboratory analysis concerning contamination incidents. Experienced in marine casualties involving salvage of chemicals, loss mitigation and environmental impact. Experienced Expert Witness.
Pierre de Jager
Pierre de JagerDirector Chemist
MChem C.Hons, RSci

Specific experience of claims relating to cargo damage and contaminations of oil, petrochemical, chemical and liquefied gas cargoes, including liquid and vapour contamination of flashpoint sensitive cargoes, colour deterioration claims, contaminations from carriage of previous incompatible cargoes and tank washings, damage to heat sensitive cargoes, including FOSFA contracted edible oils, chemical gases and speciality chemicals. Blending of incompatible petroleum products, bunker quality disputes, development and witnessing of investigative analytical protocols also undertaken. Undertaken international attendance requiring onboard and terminal based investigations in Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America.
Dr Sheila Marshman
Dr Sheila MarshmanPrincipal Chemist Chartered Chemist
Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Specialised in the field of distillate products, fuels and lubricants analysis, testing and research. With more than 40 years experience, has developed innovative laboratory techniques for fuels and lubricants testing. Experienced Expert Witness.
James Duncombe
James DuncombeConsultant Chemist
James joined CWA as a Chemist in 2015. Experience in contamination and deterioration claims involving petroleum products, petrochemicals, liquefied gases and vegetable oil cargoes. Experience with sampling and tank inspections on-board and at terminals. Highly familiar with ISO 8217 testing requirements for bunker fuels and Defence Standard 91-91 specification for Jet A1 fuel. Undertaken international investigations involving attendance in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.
Vajin Patel
Vajin PatelConsultant Chemist
Associate member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Associate member of the Energy Institute

Vajin Patel joined CWA International in 2018 after completing his master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Manchester. His master’s thesis was about the chemistry of uranium particles, with a focus on their chemical behaviour in the environment.
Mike Sachs
Mike SachsSenior Consultant Chemical Engineer
Experienced consultant specialising in all aspects of downstream refinery process design and operation, including storage terminals. With over 50 years of experience in relation to refineries as well as trouble-shooting and the investigation of refinery incidents causing plant damage, process upset, loss of production and business interruption.
Chris Clucas
Chris ClucasConsultant Cryogenic Engineer
Specialist in LPG/LNG carriers and ship/shore facilities, loss prevention and safety auditing, training, operational manuals and incident investigation. Has been closely involved with the development of LNG and LPG supply and storage projects over the last 25 years. Experienced Expert Witness.
Dr John Healey
Dr John HealeyConsultant Pharmaceutical Specialist
Specialist in pharmaceuticals with over 30 years related experience including product research, development, manufacturing, quality assurance. Product experience particularly includes solid and liquid dosage forms, dermatologicals, sterile ophthalmic products and small volume parenterals, together with their stability issues and packaging needs.
Kevin Smith
Kevin SmithConsultant Edible Oils Specialist
35 years' experience in the chemical and physical properties of edible oils and fats gained within the research and development environment of a large consumer goods company and as a consultant. Leader in lipid science, having an established reputation in palm oil, palm kernel oil, margarine fats and confectionery fats. Specialist on implications of vegetable oil degradation and contamination that can occur during shipping.
Mike Haworth
Mike HaworthConsultant Chartered Engineer
Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers
Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society

Total of 46 years' experience of engineering design including cyrogenic tank design, engineering, project management and construction of multi-discipline teams in small and large companies. Work has involved living and working in a variety of locations in Europe and the Middle East.
Alan Rothery
Over 40 year as a seafarer with extensive knowledge of chemical, oil and petroleum tankers. Specialising in the cleaning and preparation of cargo tanks to carry high grade chemicals. Master of Cross Channel passenger and freight ferries. A shore position as Fleet Safety Officer included auditing of Quality and Safety Management Systems to ISO and ISM Codes. Preparation of Shipboard Operating Manuals.
Neil Price
Neil PriceConsultant
Master Mariner with command experience who managed the development, construction and operation of a bunker storage and supply terminal in Portland and has 21 years’ experience on tankers from product carriers to VLCC’s. (6 years command) and gas carriers. Previous experience also obtained ashore in emergency response, marine assurance and auditing, ship vetting and vessel operations all with a leading Oil and Gas Major

CWA Experts & Consultants

Typical Cases

Gas plant

CWA has conducted numerous in-depth investigations and loss prevention surveys following recurring problems in the carriage of LPG involving for example excess water content, and the presence of excess dimer in butadiene shipments.

Clearing up after spillage

CWA regularly makes international attendance to investigate quality deviations in bulk liquid cargoes petroleum products, petrochemicals, and vegetable oils.

Oil refinery

CWA has dealt with a number of large refinery Business Interruption (BI) claims arising from problems in the feedstock supply and/or quality, or from fire and explosion incidents. Often investigations require thorough knowledge of refining practice.

Corrosion of tanker hull

Concerning fitness of vessel's tanks and tank coatings for carriage of aggressive bulk liquid cargoes.

Cargo salvage

CWA has been engaged in a number of high profile tanker and container ship casualties requiring advice on the salvage of oil and chemical cargoes and associated quantum.

Petroleum berth, North Africa

CWA has conducted detailed safety audits of marine infrastructure e.g. loading berths, sometimes in the context of major incidents

Petroleum plant

CWA advises on the remaining useful economic working life of the assets of petroleum handling operations. The items of equipment can include piping, pumps, single buoy moorings, storage tanks and vapour recovery units.

CWA can evaluate the impact of maintenance standards and inflation on net values.

Fire at sea

CWA has investigated a number of major oil spill incidents worldwide to assess the extent of oil pollution damage and the efficacy of oil clean-up measures. Investigations were undertaken so as to form an objective assessment of environmental damage.

Tankers in port

CWA undertakes technical audits to investigate the design, operation and quality control procedures of oil production facilities, stabilisation plant, pipeline and transfer to an integrated marine terminal.

Chemical sampling

CWA regularly advises on the reliability of methods and their role in the analysis of crude oil products, petrochemical and liquefied gas, and bunkers.

LPG spillage

CWA can perform detailed consequence analysis of spill scenarios for LPG marine terminals.

Chemical sampling

CWA routinely investigates all aspects of bulk liquid shortage disputes. This includes full reconciliation of loss factors, identification of real and apparent losses within oil terminals and on tanker vessels, review of pumping performance, efficacy of crude oil washing, nature and extent of ROB, suitability of heating, etc.



CWA has a long established track record in dealing with matters concerning oils, gases and chemicals.

Crude Oils
Bunker Fuels
Petroleum Products
Edible Oils
Speciality Chemicals
Liquefied Gases

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